Lash serums growing in popularity as women try to restore the damage caused by harmful eye lash extensions. (

While eye lash extensions are considered by many to be the ideal solution for those seeking to achieve long luscious eye lashes, the harmful effects can leave people with seriously damaged and diminished eye lashes.

Many women are now seeking out products such as lash serums to regrow and restore their seriously damaged eye lashes.

“In our endless pursuit for thicker, longer lashes our lashes are poked and prodded with tints, extensions, mascaras and false lashes. However, the route less travelled is eyelash growth serums – maximising your natural lash,” Natasha Domminique Creasey said today.

Natasha Dominique Creasey is an Australian entrepreneur based in Sydney, New South Wales. She is the founder and owner of revolutionary beauty brand, AGENCYSkin, a company with an effortless approach to the enhancement of natural beauty and skincare while indulging in a truly beautiful experience of relaxation and luxury.

“Lash growth serums are not a new product by any stretch, however they are finally being recognised by beauty gurus all over the world for their unique capability to enhance your natural lashes,” Creasey said.

According to Creasey, lash serums are a must-have step in everybody’s beauty regime. They are also ideal for anyone seeking to undo the damage caused by harmful extensions and other lash enhancement processes. She has answered some of the most burning questions in regards to these natural lash beautifiers.

What is a lash serum and how does it work?

“A lash serum is a product developed to support the healthy growth and management of your eye lashes.  It is normally applied once to twice daily,” Creasy explained.

“When looking for a lash serum, my advice is always to look for products that are backed by science and that contain as few manufactured ingredients as possible.  Sadly many products on the market do not live up to their promises.

“This is one of the main reasons why I developed my signature lash serum,It has been formulated to regenerate, thicken and extend natural lashes.   It contains the strongest peptides, antioxidants and vitamins known to help stimulate, strengthen and condition eyelashes.  The serum is encapsulated in a bespoke UV protected bottle to maintain its longevity.

“My lash serum works and it genuinely helps women to restore their lashes, whether they’ve been damaged through beauty processes such as lash extensions or they have fallen out as a result of hormonal changes.”

Do I need to apply the lash serum regularly? 

“Apply lash serum once or twice daily for the first ten weeks. To maintain the strength and length of your lashes, most serums recommend applying every two days thereafter,” Creasey said. 

What is the ideal way to apply lash serum?

According to Creasey, before applying any lash serum, ensure the eye is clean and dry. In order to apply the product most effectively, apply the product to your upper lash line, brushing the product forward through to tips. Finally, allow the serum to seep into your lash follicles and dry completely.

Will I see immediate results?

“You should start to notice results within four weeks of consistent use with full effect taking place around 12 weeks. After this period I would suggest applying lash serums every two days to keep your beautiful natural lashes strong and healthy,” Creasey added.

According to Creasey, it is important to understand that results will vary person-to-person when using a lash serum.

Who should use lash serums and why?

According to Creasey, AGENCY Lash Serum is universally beneficial to all sexes, including anyone who has lash extensions, sparse lashes, damages or brittle lashes, thin and pale lashes, as well as anyone impacted by menopause or stress.

Can I still wear contact lenses if I use an eye serum?

“If you wear contact lenses you will not miss out on the incredible results of lash serums. I suggest applying your lash serum at night after taking out your contact lenses,” Creasey said.

“In terms of eyelash extensions, for most lash serums, including the AGENCY Lash Serum, you can apply it two days after having your extensions applied. I would recommend that you only apply the serum as close to your lash line as possible, and it avoid applying the serum to your extensions. The peptide in the AGENCY Lash Serum will actually help to strengthen your natural lash and protect them from the weight and glue of your extensions.”

Are some eye serums better than others?

“Unfortunately some products made under less stringent regulations, such as those from overseas, and may contain harmful ingredients that can cause further hair loss and damage,” Creasey emphasized.

“Be careful to do your homework.  Take the time to research the product you are buying.  The eye area is sensitive and it is important to only use products near your eyes that you trust and know come from highly regulated sources.  At AGENCYSkin, we spend a lot of time researching and formulating to create the safest and most innovative products on the market.”

AGENCYSkin is proudly Australian owned and Australian made. The business is based in Sydney, Australia. AGENCY offers worldwide fulfilment, as well as being available at selected salons and department stores.

AGENCYSkin innovates product lines that are both unique and controlling. The exclusive combination of science ensures you have timelessly stunning lashes and beautiful skin. AGENCY also prioritizes its environmental impact, practicing sustainable and fair trade commitments throughout its production line.

AGENCY has also released an exclusive men’s range. The range includes products to cleanse, tone, tighten and moisturize.

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