How do I apply AGENCY Skin EYE COLLECTIVE Lash Serum?

Before applying our lash serum, ensure the eye is clean and dry. Apply the product to your upper lash line and brush the product forward through to the tips. Allow the serum to seep into your lash follicles and dry completely.

How often should I apply AGENCY Skin EYE COLLECTIVE Lash Serum?
Apply the lash serum once or twice daily for the first 10 weeks. To maintain the strength and length of your lashes apply every two days thereafter.

What's the difference between AGENCY Skin EYE COLLECTIVE Lash Serum and other serums on the market?
AGENCY Skin invests significant resources and time researching and formulating product ingredients. Our product contains high amounts of active ingredients while still being gentle on the skin. We make sure we deliver a product that gives you the best result in the fastest time possible.

What if my eyes become sensitive?
Some people may experience mild sensitivity. It is advised to avoid possible skin irritation by being careful to apply product to lash line and lashes only without disturbing the skin around the eye area. If you experience symptoms please discontinue use until your symptoms have cleared and restart every two days carefully applying to lashes only.

When will I start to see results?
You should start to notice results within four weeks of consistent use, with the full effect taking place around 12 weeks. After this period we suggest applying AGENCY Skin EYE COLLECTIVE Lash Serum every two days to keep your beautiful natural lashes strong and healthy.
*Results may vary with each individual.

What if i wear contact lenses, am breast feeding or pregnant?
AGENCY Skin suggests you apply the lash serum at night after taking out your contact lenses. Pregnant or breastfeeding persons are recommended to seek advice from a physician before commencing use.

What if I am undergoing or have undergone cancer treatment?
AGENCY Skin recommends that you wait at least six months after treatment if you have had chemotherapy or radiation and always check with your treating physician first. 

I have eyelash extensions, can I still use the serum?
Yes, you can use AGENCY Skin EYE COLLECTIVE Lash Serum two days after having your extensions applied. We recommend that you only apply the serum closest to your lash line as possible and avoid applying the serum to your extensions. The peptide in AGENCY Skin EYE COLLECTIVE Lash Serum will help strengthen your natural lashes and help protect them from the weight and glue of the extensions.