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Copernicia Cerifera wax

Mascara is one of the most difficult formulas to develop, requiring specific fomulation expertise.

Copernicia wax originates from Brazil, and is known as the queen of waxes. It's high melting point makes it ideal for use in the personal care category and is found in many eye and lip products. The oil/wax phase makes up approximatley 35 percent of a mascara formula and is key to create a desirable texture and a result that won't smudge or seperate. Lower temperature waxes provide adhesion and sheath the lashes but have instabilty potential and a tendency to smudge. It is challenging to create the perfect wax blend, but an interesting exercise for the formulator. AGENCYSkin Eye Collective advanced mascara is a high perfoming blend thanks to the formulator optimizing the quality of each wax/oil component and paying careful attention to the melting and solidification temperatures of each one. Safe to say, science is a beautiful thing!


Chondrus crispus (algae) extract

So Incredibly dense in nutrition, it would of been a no brainer not to pass it on to you.

This nutrient dense algae has a powerhouse viatmin and mineral profile including Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B, vitamin B1, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Folate, protein and potassium, we thought best to take advantage of it's plethora of restorative benefits. Chondrus crispis is rich in atioxidants such as luetin and zeaxanthin and also contains a compound known as a carrageenan, which has the ability to form a flexible film offering a defense system against oxidative stress, the main culprit of weakness and deficiency from damaging airbourne pollutants. The natural amino acids, peptides and polysaccharides contain a symphony of hydration and water binding properties which restore hydration to hair or skin that lacks lusture and shine. Our algae is grown in cooler temperatures as it's prefered environment, hand harvested and dried in a state of the art processing facility. Chondrus crispis is a star ingredient in AGENCYSkin Eye Collective lash serum.